Story reprise

Slices of StoryChicago:

1. “Weakness brings liberation. Confession transforms” – Dave Gibbons
2. “Propositions will not save you.” – Chris Seay
3. Note to self: Get that Frederick Buechner book already (Telling The Truth: Gospel as Tragedy, Comedy and Fairy Tale) since it keeps coming up in conversation.
4. “We censor our stories when we only talk about our success.” – Mike Foster
5. A drumline is a great way to announce the beginning of a session.
6. “‘Be the person God designed you to be’. I don’t know what that means!” – Donald Miller
7. Musicians, story characters, communications people in a sea of macs and iphones.
8. Won a copy of Skye Jethani’s Divine Commodity – and missed picking it up from under some seat at the Paramount Theater, the site of day 1 of the event because I couldn’t access twitter that day. More on twitter for day two.
9. “Instructional method of preaching is a failure. It does not challenge people’s perceptions of reality.” – The Guy Who Wrote The Book I Won And Didn’t Pick Up.
10. “The cross tells the story creation never could.” – Thomas Fluharty
11. “Being convincing is salesmanship. Being compelling means people are drawn to you.” – Kevin Sterner
12. “How did you get here from there?” Me, to Ron Martoia, after hearing him talk today and realizing he attended Trinity in the mid-90’s.
13. My twitter account got hacked midway through day 2 of the conference. Spam Me sent my 261 followers some garbage link. I nearly cried when I saw what had happened.
14. “We dwell in the truth. We don’t try to get it in deadlock.” – Ben Arment
15. I would have welcomed a few more opportunities experience others’ stories (short video vignettes of slice-of-life stories, artwork, a wall with graffittied praises, stories from other cultures?) as part of the mix.
16. It was a typical evangelical conference. And it wasn’t anything like a typical conference. Mostly the latter! Thank you, Lord, for allowing me to be there. Help me to use what I’ve learned, seen, felt to encourage others and honor You.
17. Grateful, grateful, grateful.

The fact that I could list so many quotes from the event (above) should tell you how much I enjoyed the event. I rarely take notes anywhere I go, but I took notes for two whole days. I didn’t even take two whole days of notes during two years of full-time college.

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