Landlocked surfing

After two months of internet semi-fasting in South Florida, I’m enjoying some Internet Water Ski time (hard to surf here in the midwest) as I get back into the swing of my writing life. Here’s a few links I’ve visited this week that’ll give you a few minutes of thought-provoking and/or hilarious reading:

Brent Hansen’s Letters From Kamp Krusty is quickly becoming one of my “must reads”. The guy is funny. And anyone who’d pose for a picture holding an acordion can’t be all bad.

Christianity Today’s Out Of Ur has a fascinating post about Willow Creek’s recent congregational spiritual life wake-up call. A few of the comments on the post are worth the price of admission.

Naked Pastor (a great, provocative name, eh?) continues to challenge and question the way we do church – and lets his questions push him into beautiful honesty that incarnates Jesus in the way he and his fam live and minister.

Love the ongoing dialogue about the writing life at The Master’s Artist.

Want to get a taste of what its like to participate in ordered, fixed-hour prayer, a.k.a. the daily office? Check out Northumbria Community’s website. You can click on the link, and go right to a morning, mid-day, evening or compline worship for the specific day.

What are some of your favorite blogs or websites? Where do you like to go when you have a few minutes of internet water ski time?

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